Monday, August 24, 2009

Some sense on the so called Macclesfield Forum

Pete makes a fine point:

"I'm not sure, reading Vic Barlow's column this week, if we should rage with anger or laugh with the joy of someone seeing the light.

Vic doesn't once mention here his own highly relevant experience - he ran a forum and allowed people to be 'spiteful' on that forum precisely because those who administered Barlow's Beef turned a blind eye to all of the vices he notes in this article. He allowed people to use untraceable email addresses; he allowed people to use proxy servers; he didn't like people being 'anonymous' (remember how he used to say 'everyone knows who I am'? -or how forumster Frank Fisher screamed out 'make everyone use their name!') but he allowed anonymity to reign; and he knew, damned well, that multiple IDs were being used.

We should be grateful he has learned - but more than a little surprised that he makes no mention of Barlow's Beef in the piece in today's Macclesfield Express: ... er_bullies"

Monday, August 3, 2009

More grubby obscenity from "Old and"

Oh dear, Mr or Ms "Old and" is back with their obscene bile. Regrettably I am unable to publish this contribution as it is a string of obscenities and perrverted insults and is quite unsuitable for a public forum.
One does have to wonder at what drives this person. It seems that they don't like anyone having views other than their own, but fail to express what those views are, or anything except puerile insults and filth. Stripping out the nastiness, their comment was, in essence, that I should not be allowed to contribute to online discussions because they don't want me to! Make of that what you will. They seem, simply, to want to shut down free expression in the Macc media. It is telling that one of their comments (and about the only one repeatable) was that they wanted me banned from the internet. Now what could frighten them so much that they would want to ban someone from expressing their opinion?
Given the strange ad homs I do wonder abut this person's prejudices, fears and fantasies; they clearly need some help or is it perhaps that they maybe a danger to others? I still have this vision of the park flasher, or, having read their latest attempted contribution, maybe something darker and more sordid.
They do seem to be worried about being a sock puppet though! Given some of the obsessions they raised, I suspect this may be "Macc Man" who seems to be either a sock puppet or a clone. The posts online are either indications of sock puppetry or the vicious thug (to quote another local blog, albeit one that seems to be moribund) on the old ASTM who apparently threatened violence against some others, definitely launched an astonishing series of ad hom attacks against others and is reported to have lied about other contributors. NB. The current leaders of the so called "Macclesfield" forum have welcomed him with open arms! This person exhibited the same fear of rational debate as the sock puppets. Not much difference between them.
They are clearly not particularly brave though.

For the record, my moderation policy is to avoid cutting posts with the exception of personal insults, obscenity, filth, illegality and anything that may compromise anyone's desire for privacy. Discussion about evidence and opinions etc are welcomed.

So if "Old and" can come here and enter a discussion then he or she will be welcomed. He or she does not have to agree with me or anyone else, but just to join in discussion.
That is, after all, the basis of most internet forums and blogs.

Anyway, let's see if Mr or Ms sordid reappears..................