Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh dear, they're back

After a welcome break from the nasty machinations of a small group, with their multiple puppet identities, on the Macc Express site, we now have one of them pop up again.

Junior Macc Lad is the name chosen this time

Why, oh why do they do it?

Update. Plattypuss appears as well, pretty much at the same time as JMLad, commenting on the same topic and in total agreement with him!

Update 2. And now "Old Sailor" has reappeared expressing the same views as the other two. It is spooky how these people (or, rather, user names) suddenly appear together and using the same language and holding pretty much the same views.
You will see that they pretty much always attack the other posters, claiming that they are shouting people down, ganging up and so on, when it is the puppets who make the personal attacks.


Update 3. Now he / she is back as "Hatch". will we see all the names being trotted out in succession I wonder

Update 4. and now as Mf.w. You'd have thought that they would at least change their style when they change sock puppet names!

Update 5. Now appearing as Jonty. Same approach though.

Update 6. Now appearing as Eric.T. Same approach and even the same words. Seems very worried about sock puppets!

Updat 7: Now in the guise of "Guido". Same message, just getting less coherent.

Update 8: Now we have Quinlan (yesterday) and Loktite. Same words, same spelling, same views, same approach. All out of the same sock drawer. A telling statement was: "I am told by my neighbour a retired Chief Superintendent....". Sure they were. What they probably meant was "I am the embittered retired policeman who messed up Barlow's Beef and then helped orchestrate a campaign of stalking and vilification against a number of other people who disagreed with me".

Update 9: And now we have the MaccForum clones chiming in with a rather spiteful and patronising post in response to Mogangirl.

A plague on all their houses!

Update 10: Dorothy has reappeared. Well, well, well. And also Eric and Biker. They really are wheeling out all the old names. Same words though ("sad" is used as lot) and same approaches. "Dorothy" is complaining that the Vic lovers cannot submit their views!

Interestingly, someone (posting as "Old and") posted a comment for this blog as follows:

"Update10: Have sex with someone. Please"

I am not really sure what to make of that, as it seems to bear no relationship to the blog comments. Do you think it is a puppet making me an offer? Sex with a sock? No thanks!
Or perhaps it is the gun toting clone (MaccForum) showing off his manhood.
Either way it is a very strange comment and probably says a lot about the contributor.

On that thought, I remember an excellent Smith and Jones sketch with someone in hospital who had had his penis amputated. The doctor came in and offered him, amongst other things, a subscription to "Guns and Ammo" magazine, membership of a shooting club and a camo jacket, as these were things that interested people who were deficient in the male bits area!

Update 11: Now we have Gedd. Dorothy has also transformed into Dorothy M! Yet they don't bother to change the way they write or what they write. This is usually a series of ad hom attacks on anyone who criticises Winterton or disagrees with Vic. They should hang their heads in shame.

Update 12: They are all coming back again. We've had Biker and now Jonty.

And, just for fun, the Maccforumclones are with their usual patronising, bullying and spiteful approaches. They really can't take it that some of us don't see them as gods of the Interweb in Macclesfield.

Update 13. Now Macc Man has also reappeared. Same old, same old.
Still trying to stop anyone from criticising Vic, using the line that he has the right to express his opnion (of course he has) yet trying to stop other from expressing theirs. Have they never heard of irony?

Update 14: And now back as Jonty. Same old thing; nothing new from them. Quite funny that he is trying to claim he's not a sock puppet though.
It is such a shame that between the MaccForumClones and the Sock puppets they are trying to strangle free expression and debate in the media in our town.

Update 15: Now back as Macc Man. The same old ad hom attacks using exactly the same approaches and even words. really they don't like people having the right o express themselves in this town do they?

So here is my posted reply:

If you find them boring, then why read them? :)
However there are issues that you raise about free speech and the ad hom approach is simply a way of bullying people into not expressing their opinions.
Actually my comments originally were not so much about M Jackson as the over the top and seemingly endless reporting.
That there are issues with VB's journalistic approach is a worthy subject of public discussion. I don't have the luxury of a column in the paper where I can express my views unchallenged, however this place would seem to be a place were the people of Macclesfield should be able to raise concerns etc without fear of ad hom attacks from Vic' self appointed bodyguard.
It is such a pity that there are those who would rather suppress discussions and would try to bully people with alternative views into silence by using the now drearily familiar ad hom approach.
It is intriguing how many of these different names use such strikingly similar approaches though. The same words, same attacks and so on. Now, I wonder why that could be........

Update something or other:

Now back as Darryl and Mf.W
Same old, same old. we are getting a "poor little me" thing from Darryl trying to claim that he cannot express his opinion because 2 others are stopping him. How exactly?
Is it rather an expression of intellectual inadequacy when faced with people who can string a few words together?

With E.T chiming in with exactly the same sort of stuff. Pathetic

Update number "Too many to count":

So, we have Comogio and Darryl and Joe G. All saying exactly the same thing and all appearing on the same thread and pretty much nowhere else. Wow!
I wonder do they / he / she ever disagree with their hero, Vic?

Update: Yet another

Joe G still there and using the same old, same old approach. Ad Hom rather than discussion.
However there is a new one: Carpenter. What are the odds of him beinng just another manifestation of the puppet infestation? Amazing that he pops up just on the V Barlow section saying pretty much the same as the others.

And another:
Now we have "Incey Wincey". Not sure if this is one of the regular puppets as he / she seems a bit dim, even when measured against the usual ones!
However the fact that he / she  has taken a spider related name certainly indicates puppetry. When will they learn?

Update 13 Nov

Incey Wincey is back again. Just pure ad hominem in his or her posts. He / she makes themself look just spiteful and nasty. What a pathetic way to act.

Update 27 November
They are still there. Incey Wincey is still there and joined by "Windgather" and "Smokey"
What is certain is that there is a small group (maybe only 2) who are dedicated to preserving Vic as the only person who is ever right about anything in Macc! Pathetic eh?

The last update  of the year

Now we have "The Shadow" claiming that he is being denied the right to have an opinion of his own!

Come on, think of something new when you invent a new puppet persona.

The we have "Ollie the Owl" who is just as dim as always

19 Jan  After a bit of a break we have Comogio and Biker posting on the same day.  Some frantic logging off and back on perhaps?

Ooh, we have a new one: Estoppel. Same as before though. Can't even read by the looks of it.

Now we have "Carpenter" again. Same tired old ad hom arguments. Same uncritical adulation (or is it love?) of Vic,. Same inability to understand the points being made.

Ooh, there may be a new one:  W.O.I
Let us watch this with interest.

And now we have "Chady", who, along with WOI completely misunderstood what Pete and I wrote . Interestingly "Chady" referred to W.O.I as RSM.  I wonder why that could be.

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