Monday, June 22, 2009

Grubby obscenity and a nasty contributor

Sadly I have had to delete a comment, posted by Mr or Ms "Oldand". The comment was so grubbily obscene that I could not put it on a public board.
Now, it does raise questions about this person's motives and, possibly, their mental state. What I suspect it that he or she is one of those who restrict or try to restrict free expression and discussion in our locality; either a Maccforum clone or one of the current infestation of puppets at the Express. Rather than simply accepting that people have differing views and the right to express them (which should be particularly important when you claim to be offering a forum for the community and when you appropriate the name of that community for your forum), these people want to restrict them, which is a shame.
The comment that this individual posted was really rather disturbing. I would worry, for example, about this person being around children or vulnerable people. I have an image of him or her thumbing though the dictionary to find rude words and get a little excitement. My other, and less nice, image is of them in a grubby mac, flashing in the local park.
Let's hope that he or she keeps his or her sordid little fantasies to him or herself in future.

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