Sunday, November 8, 2009

The irony continues

I visited the site of the now discredited* Macclesfield Forum site to see what I could learn about hypocrisy from the person who posts on the Express site; he is an undoubted expert in the subject.

Anyway, what a dispiriting experience.

After 2 years they have about 140 members, of whom about 6 ever seem to post. On a typical day there may be one post (and usually none at all) and that will be in the grim "free house" where they all pretend they are in a pub and say hilarious things like "make mine a (insert drink of your choice)".

You can imagine themselves rolling about in laughter at their own wit!

Back to the story. 

One of their members, posting on the thread about their actions in hijacking the name of the prospective Tory candidate said:

"Could be worse, say like putting people's real names on blogs!"

Now, when someone writes something like that you'd assume that they would use their own name. Wrong!  This person calls him or herself "Windgather"!

Now I could of course be wrong and that is their name; if so, my apologies to Mr or Ms Gather. I don't think that "Wind" is much of a christian name though!

*I will be blogging about their devious  attempts to draw people to their site and to interfere in democratic discussion in the town at a later date. Suffice to say that their hijacking of the name of the Tory candidate (amongst other things) only serves to discredit them in the eyes of those who value free expression and the democratic process.

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