Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vic and his constant knocking of the town

I have just posted this on the Express website in response to V Barlow's article about parking charges. Let's see if they allow it to be posted.

"I really don't think that less than the cost of a small orange juice for parking is what tempts or deters people from shopping in Macc. In fact the freer roads, not clogged by parking, is welcome and makes visiting a nicer experience.
Is a trivial cost really the issue? After all Vic prefers to shop at Handforth Dean and doesn't seem to mind the cost of driving there (40p+ per mile) to do so.

I challenge Vic to come up with 3 really creative initiatives to stimulate our town center and stop recyling this tired and lacklustre suggestion.

Over to you Vic, let's see what creative answer you can suggest to help our town.

Let me suggest, as a first, start saying positive things about it and the people in it. I have spoken to people who say that the image you portray of the place really puts them off."

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