Friday, May 28, 2010

Puppets and disciples

They're back.
The small group of  disciples whose role in life seems to be to  support Mr Barlow and suppress any discussion of what he has written have been active recently.
Now we have "Chady" claiming not to be one (yes, really!) and yet trotting out the tired old ad homs that they have used so many times before.
In particular he exhibits the classic fear of questions, preferring, it seems, the  "because I said so" form of argument.

Here is the post I have submitted to the Express in answer to this puppet:

[quote name= Chady, Macclesfield].  Also you like to respond by labelling anyone who agrees as a disciple. [/quote]
If the cap fits....
The disciples are those who appear here, using  a variety of names, and do so only ever to agree with Mr Barlow and attack those who want to submit alternative viewpoints.
Quite fun to see your name revived though; I thought that it was one of the more inventive ones.
[quote name= Chady, Macclesfield]The fact that you do not like him, does not give you a cart blanch right to slag off anything he writes. [/quote]
It is what he writes that I  dislike, not him; I’ve never met the man and gather that he can be rather good company. I’ve commented on what he has written and am happy to do so with you as well. I think that, in this case, he is not making a very good point. And the argument from authority fallacy you used does not support his points.
[quote name= Chady, Macclesfield]Then of course it is rather obvious that, you never answer questions, but only ask them, a very boring and insecure tactics[/quote]
Poor old Aristotle, he must be turning in his grave! And, of course, you are wrong in your claim and have no evidence.
You could, of course, enter the discussion and avoid the now familiar ad homs. In normal discussion people ask and answer questions. What is it that you fear about questions and what questions do you have of your own? We have had this ad hom from you many times before and, perhaps, this apparent fear of questions may say more about insecurity than asking them :)
[quote name= Chady, Macclesfield]The views in the article are those of Mr. Barlow, and not necessarily those of the Express.  They are however the views of many Macclesfiedl, Wilmslow, and Knutsford residents.[/quote]
They may well be ( I am sure that they are), but that does not necessarily make them right. You don't test validity by  the number of people who agree  but by evidence. There are plenty of  examples of things believed by many that have been proved to be wrong.

13 October:  There's a new one!  Calling him / her / itelf  "Four Twenty, Whereever".  Same approach though: no discussion or evidence, just abuse.  

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