Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trolls, sockpuppets and disciples

Regular viewers of the V Barlow's section on  the Macclesfield Express website will have noticed that, whenever there is criticism of Mr Barlow's views, various names pop up to atack the commenter.

So, now we have "Junior". This looks like just another version of one of the tedious sockpuppets that infest that place.

Same approach (personal attacks and no discussion of the article or opinions)  and even the same phrasing etc.

Sat 6th

Well they're still there.

There is "Four Twenty Wherever" accusing others of trolling and "Junior" with the usual bile. He can't even change the record; we now have the familiar attempt to impose his own rules on what can and can't be said.

I'm not sure about 4-20 yet, although  jumping in with accusations of trollery does seem rather suspect.
I imagine Mr Barlow must be rather embarrassed by the actions of his disciples.

Update. On reflection I reckon that 4-20 is one of the regulars. Same old bleats, same old language, same old approach.  Pathetic.

4 Feb 2011

Well, here we are in another year and the same old, silly old trolls and sockpuppets are there.
Today we had "Quinlan" and he / she didn't even have the originality (or is it intelligence?) to change the script. It was almost word for word what we have seen before.

What is it about free and open discussion that scares these people so?

Interestingly his nasty little comment was removed by the Express after a while. Maybe they are finally waking up to the damage these nasty little bullies are doing to the paper's brand and image.

Then we have "David Davies" who looks remarkably like a few previous users (names) and has pretty much the same MO. Typically snide response to someone commenting on a V Barlow  article. One tell-tale is how quick they are to jump on anyone disagreeing with Mr Barlow.  Mr "Davies" also seems to have some agenda concerning the local Police; now, who does that remind you of?

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