Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twitter Joke Trial - I am Spartacus

The ludicrous decision handed down by Judge Jacqueline Davies on the 11th has, rightly, caused a storm. Thousands of people (me included) have re-tweeted the original tweet along with the hashtag #IamSpartacus.

None of us have yet been visited by  the Police, which just makes more of a mockery of the judgement and makes the CPS' and South Yorkshire Police's actions look even more stupid than they did at first.

As for the judge: I cannot improve on the comment made by Philip Hensher in this article in the Independent:

"This week, his appeal was dismissed by a judge, Jacqueline Davies, who has shown all the wisdom, intelligence and discernment of a warthog in a porcelain gallery."

One of the best responses has come from Matt Flaherty on his blog, "Adventures in Flay-land".  See it here

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